In a year filled with uncertainty, only one thing is certain. Not everything will go as planned. Higher education institutions were faced with a massive challenge when it came to reimagining what life on campus would look like this year, or if there would be a large scale return to campus at all. Within each larger choice there are multiple layers of complications, and these complications could decide whether or not a school is successfully able to complete the 2020-21 academic year according to their primary plans. For those institutions wishing to return to in person learning, they must organize what will be done with infected students, large scale and quick response testing programs, and think of programs to ensure that their students still have fun without engaging in unsafe activities, along with many other tasks. For those who decided that in person learning was going to be too difficult to organize and control, they must make sure the professors are prepared to deliver their courses entirely online, make sure that they offer classes during the right times of the day, make sure that their students have the tools necessary to continue their education. Overall, these institutions have large amounts of planning to do, and unfortunately, not all of them will be entirely successful when it comes to keeping Covid-19 off of their campuses and reducing transmissions among their communities. This academic year will be unlike any other and it will set precedents and change the way in which education is conducted in the future. 

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