We’ve seen an incredible shift in activism during the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply put, COVID has increased activism in many different ways. There has been more white involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement than ever before. Activists have to be creative and aware because, on the pretense of breaking a COVID related lockdown law, governments can shut down civic and political criticism. More platforms for activism are being used. Young people have always been on the forefront of movements creating change, and it is no different during COVID. Social media platforms, influenced by younger generations, are dominating activism today. While activism surrounding many issues, such as the environment, feminism, and more, experienced a slight halt at the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen just how adaptable change-makers and leaders are with their new and creative protesting styles.

Social justice

The Effect of Race Demographics on COVID-19 rates

In this graphic, the highlighted areas are predominantly black or hispanic populations. The red dots show where coronavirus is the most dense. COVID-19 is most prevalent in these areas due to poor access to healthcare, a disparity in housing, and socioeconomic discrepancies, all of which highlight racial inequalities. In addition, protest gatherings against police brutality could have had some effect on raising infection rates. 

% of Social Media Users who have encouraged others to take Action

Black social media users are more likely than white and hispanic users to say they have posted to encourage others to take action. Click Here to learn more details.

% White Users
% Hispanic Users
% Black Users
May 31
June 14
June 28
July 12
July 26
August 9

Number of Demonstrations Associated with BLM Summer 2020 

The higher numbers in May are likely due to COVID-19. Click Here for more details.  

Associated Statistics on Non-Violence:

Protests took place in more than 2,400 recorded locations across the country.

More than 93% of BLM protests since May 2020 have been non-violent.

There have only been 220 locations with violent demonstrations.