The COVID 19 pandemic has magnified the many inequalities present in the world. The main categories where we have seen the worsening of disparity include Gender, Race, Economics, Health, and Technology. Race and Gender inequality is the main driver for the disproportionate impacts that COVID has had on society. Communities of color are dying at a higher rate compared to white communities. 14% of the US population is black, but black Americans make up 41% of COVID related deaths. This polarity is seen across all fronts. Communities of color are more likely to have less access to healthcare, technology, and economic necessities. The lack of resources helps pertain to the high number of COVID deaths that have statistically been seen in these communities. Gender inequality also can contribute to the lack of resources available during this pandemic. Many women are being affected by the pandemic at a higher rate than men. Women are more likely to lose their jobs, creating stress on their finances, and leading to more economic hardships. Domestic violence rates during the pandemic have increased, posing a threat to women’s well-being and mental health. Girls who already have limited access to education are not being educated due to the lack of technology access. COVID has only heightened inequality and put even more stress on communities in need.




Percent of Population
Percent of COVID Related Deaths

Black Americans make up 14% of the population and 41% of COVID related deaths.