This article explains the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on waste and the negative impact on the environment. Prior to COVID-19, people promoted the use of reusable shopping bags and made efforts to have sustainable alternatives to single-use items. Because of risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, however, the use of reusable shopping bags and other items are no longer being promoted. Currently grocery stores and shopping centers have banned the use of reusable bags and primarily utilize plastic bags. Restaurants who are now using disposable menus have to dispose of over 1,500 menus each month. Environmentalists are concerned that people are going to get out of the habit of recycling. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market of masks, gowns and gloves has resulted in even more waste as millions and millions of these necessary, disposable items are made use of. Residential waste is also up 30%, which could be a result of “the Amazon effect” with so many cardboard boxes being shipped to houses from online purchases. The waste due to the global pandemic is negatively affecting the environment and changing it for the worse.