Although this source is not directly related to COVID-19, it is an important point to consider when we start to look at the environment. While COVID-19 is currently having a positive impact on the environment, these changes will likely go away once life returns to normal. China is currently the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, but a new pledge to emerge from COVID-19 called the “green recovery” claims that they will be carbon neutral by 2060. Last week, the EU also came forward and vowed to cut their emissions by 55% by 2030. Is China doing this for the environment’s sake? Is it possible that they recognize an opportunity to make the United States look bad, and even to possibly lead these efforts in the future? It will be curious to see how committed China will stay to this pledge since Biden has won the election and re-joined the Paris accords. It is good to see a country like China talk about the climate on a global stage, and hopefully they will stay committed to this pledge