Some inequalities that were present in Italy before the pandemic have become exacerbated by it. especially the disparities in education and health. Education and health are considered fundamental human rights, however the achievement of both of these can vary greatly. In Italy, all students started distance learning in March, with the exception of those in the Lombardy or Emilia-Romagna regions, where distance learning was started in February, due to these regions being early epicenters of the virus. The article reports that many schools have delivered online lessons insufficiently, often simply giving students homework to complete without teachers available to explain the content in a synchronous format. Even for those who were given online lessons, they were commonly only 2 or 3 days per week. Italian students did not return to school until fall of 2020, which gave teachers and administrators time to develop protocols for both in-person and online instruction. Even while following all necessary regulations, the article acknowledges that there will still be risks of health and safety. The practice of distance learning has heightened the effects of social and cultural inequalities. Some families struggle with not having adequate computers or tablets, or not having enough for all students in the family. A few students have reported receiving these resources from their schools. Families also struggle with the lack of babysitting or schools that are not equipped to guarantee the best education possible under the circumstances. Socialization, which is important for younger people especially, has been much more difficult without in-person schooling. Italy was already concerned about education inequalities before the pandemic, since it has one of the highest percentages in Europe of “unjustified and unauthorized” absences from school by students required by law to go. Online schooling has only made it more difficult to keep track of these students, who may be left even further behind than they would be with pre-pandemic schooling.