The pandemic forced millions of students to stay home, communities had to find new resources and new ways to maintain the education going on. One of the most used resources is zoom. A platform/app that connects people by video conferences allowing students to attend to their classes online, to have meetings with their classmates remotely and to keep their productivity. This use of online conferences is taking time for students to adapt to it and learn how to deal with it. Online conferences allow more distractions, it involves less  connection with people and less social skills. Other platforms appeared but the one that is currently being one of the most used around the world is zoom. The security of this platform has proven to not be the best, people were able to connect to random meetings and disrupt the meetings. The app has stated that they are working on this issue and it will be fixed. To use this application we need a computer which is something that all students do not have access to so it created big inequalities in students.