This video uses the graphs and ‘curve’ that is often utilized while discussing COVID-19, and applies it to the climate crisis. There is a good description of how viruses and diseases are transmitted from animals to people. Ebola was first passed from a bat to a boy who was playing nearby. When forests are cut down, bats move from those trees into barns and peoples houses, where it is more likely they will come into contact with a human. This same logic can be used to explain the increase in Lyme Disease. Possums and chipmunk once controlled the tick population, but as the forests were thinned out, there were fewer possums and chipmunks to control them, and the tick population increased. Also, pointed out, was that two of the largest factors for creating a new virus are found in factory farms. Through photosynthesis, trees in the Amazon and in general, take in a large amount of CO 2 from the atmosphere, However, it is predicted that in 40 years most trees will not be able to survive in the climate.