This source, similar to a UNICEF article cited in this document, focuses on TikTok’s role in online activism during the pandemic. With the pandemic, social media activism reached a whole new level. Through social media platforms, people stayed connected and informed in an otherwise completely isolating time. TikTok, particularly, gained popularity. Not only is it a source for cooking, crafting, cleaning, and organizing instructional videos, but it is also a home where specific communities of people (this article specifically mentions QueerTok, Atheist Tok, WitchTock, BookTok, and KPopStans) can connect in ways they otherwise couldn’t. TikTok was a main source of videos of the violent police response to protests in DC when Trump took a photo outside of a church as well as videos and calls to action surrounding other facets of the revamped BLM movement. The article mentions specifically the power TikTok had in organizing against the June 19 Tulsa Trump rally ( a very specific slap in the face being at the location of the Black Wall Street Massacre on Juneteenth) while going unnoticed by Trump supporters.