This podcast talks about how the time of COVID has shown the heavy disparities within our healthcare system when treating BIPOC communities. The reason for these BLM protests are not just because of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and so many more; the pandemic has highlighted the inequities that marginalized communities are facing and people are disturbed and horrified to see that these inequalities are still happening on top of 351 police killings of black people just this year. As the Black Lives Matter movement has progressed over this pandemic, half of the country has begun to call BLM a terrorist organization. People are so afraid of losing what they have that they are willing to sacrifice 351 lives a year for it. In order to make progress in ending racism in the US and globally, the pendulum has to swing (just as it did with the Obama administration to the Trump administration) and people cannot be selfish and begin to think about the greater good of the country they claim to love so much and the world they take for granted. Because of the pandemic, the BLM movement has moved a lot online. There are endless resources for people to gain information on how they can help support the movement, support BIPOC communities, educate themselves, educate their communities, and become an ally. The main message is that it is important to encourage people who don’t want to do the work, to do the work.