In Podcast 1A, special education experts were interviewed about how kids with specialized learning tracks are being educated remotely because of COVID-19. In this podcast, we learn that students with IEP tracks are not being provided with the resources for their particular learning needs. Schools that are operating remotely are saying that they cannot accommodate these specialized tracks. Among schools that have reopened, students with disabilities are still excluded from attending school, because of medical conditions and the high risk of exposure. This leaves a lot of parents with the dilemma of trying to educate their special needs children, and also, often, work. Many parents are essential workers. There is a concern that students with special needs will regress in their education. In order for them to learn and thrive they need the special services that they received pre-COVID-19 but, unfortunately, these resources are not being provided now. We also see disparity with communities that do not have access to the technology needed for remote learning. We see that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting the education, as well as the mental health of special education students. Many students are not getting the social interaction they need and the struggle to learn can also affect their mental health.