This article explains how the pandemic has excelled change in Russian higher education. Russian universities opened online platforms to all students during the pandemic, in March. These online platforms allowed students to work from home, but also gave them other opportunities. Online platforms allow students to learn from other universities all across the world. They also allow for more specialized education. No longer will students be tied to one department, or professor for their learning. They now will have many resources to choose from. This is changing the entire system of higher education in Russia. Russian students will no longer have to follow a designed curriculum, but rather they can choose their own classes, and interests. The role that professors play is also changing because of online education. Professors will no longer be specialists in one department, but play a role of a mentor for a student’s learning.   Online education will also create more competition in universities. Russian students will have to compete for spots in universities abroad. The cost for schooling will largely stay the same, or be more expensive. The development of online platforms will connect Russian students to many other countries. We will see the rise of globalization and development of new thought due to the pandemic and the rapid production of online education.